1. Studio Account Setup

Using the UNL SDK requires a valid API Key, which will be used to initialize the SDK. Follow the next steps to obtain a correct API key.

Creating a Project#

Login or create an account on UNL Studio.

Next, visit https://studio.unl.global/projects and click on Create A New Project to create & name your project.

Creating a Service Account#

Then, select the Service Accounts option from the left side menu or visit https://studio.unl.global/serviceAccounts and click on Create New Service Account to create & name your service account.

Generating API Keys#

To genereate an API key, select Create New Api Key from the service account's page. You can copy & manage API keys from a service account's settings page.

Connect Project to Service Account#

The next step is to connect the service account to your project. From the projects page, go to your project's settings page and add your service account by clicking on Add service account.

Add Contributor Rights#

The last step is to give the service account contributor rights in order to allow adding data to the project. From the project's settings page, open the dropdown from the ROLE column correspoding to your service account and select Can Contribute.